Camping at Arrowhead
Information and Registration

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Ride Details & Itinerary:

Date: August 15 - 17th
COST: $30 / person

Tuesday: Arrival day, camp setup and maybe a light ride if time permits

Wednesday: Spin the Lakes 100km of beautiful scenery and hills. We will break up into 2-3 groups of riding levels. most likely to be B and B+. This is a loop route and can not be shortened we will stop for lunch along the route.

Thursday: 50 km route out of Huntsville Sports Recreation Facility.

Other activities of your choice could be mountain biking and swimming, kayaking, hiking.

Cancellation Policy: Once you sign up you there are no cancellations unless you find someone to take you spot on the trip.

Directions to Arrowhead Provincial Park

Get Directions to Arrowhead Prov. Park

What is included!

we have 3 campsites booked. firewood for the main site where we will gather for breakfast and camp dinners.
2 breakfasts & 2 camp dinners
All other meals and transportation are at your own expense, Additional parking passes may be required as there is only one vehicle pass included per campsite."

Included in the cost is the main course for the dinner and potluck for salads / sides.
Ride Only Option
No cost for day riders. we will coordinate a meet up location prior to the event.
Limited number of attendees (18 max)
first come first serve

There will be a GPS route and a basic hardcopy snapshot of the route (not in detail).

If interested but would like more information or details contact either Morgan or Melissa via our Member's Facebook Page.

Please Note: There is no sag support for rides on this trip.

Arrowhead Camping - Spin the Lakes Trip

$30.00 / person

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I am away for the next week and unable to update the site so please email Melissa before you register to make sure there is still room on this trip.

Thanks Steven